Bit Reality

photography in virtual environment | 2017

The idea was to treat the virtual environment as a traditional space where to take pictures, creating a conceptual crasis. The activity of taking pictures has always associated a subject and an object, the latter being tangible and real, pertinent to what we call “reality”. By extending the boundaries of what is “real”, we can expand immediately the boundaries of what it means to take a picture, being it a photographed part of reality included in a frame. A subject that is able to move, with free will, to cast his look and camera upon a portion of a whatsoever reality with a creative outlet, and is able to take a picture of it that is totally part of his choice and taste, is still a photographer and the picture is still a photography. Taking screenshot becomes in this way an extension of the traditional methods of photography, a new tool in the hand of a photographer born in the 21st century. That said, the “game” here was not to merely take “virtual photographies”, but to frame and represent the virtual world as it were real, creating landscape pictures that were perceived as such by the eye.
This series was shot inside Battlefield One and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.