Something beautiful will remain.

I am a film producer, director and writer. I was born in Pescara (Abruzzo, Italy) in 1994 and I currently live in Rome, where I graduated cum laude in 2016 in Modern Literature with the thesis “Virtual reality and image culture in the civilization of entertainment”. I founded my publishing house and production company called Il Varco and produced 12 short films, 2 feature films and the edition of 4 books. I’m the artistic director of Il Varco – International Short Film Festival, one of the most important indie festivals in Italy. I also founded the monthly screening Short Days in Rome and the Abruzzi’s most important screening “New Abruzzi Cinema” in Pescara and the film distribution Gargantua Film. My film productions were featured in more than 120 festivals all around the world. As a director, I shot “Onyricon” in 2015, “Spettri” in 2017 and “Materia Celeste” in 2019. I’m currently developing my next film. In 2020 I worked alongside Werner Herzog for his film Accelerator in Leticia, Colombia, in which I developed the filmed correspondence “Letters to Herzog”. This is my filmography.

My goal in life, as of now, is to create a powerful, rich creative hub in which to develop film projects of a new generation of authors, where I myself can grow into. What I am attracted to, in choosing and financing a project is: strong personal identity, sincere and unique writing process, aesthetic style, cultural and anthropological richness, intellectual and philosophical goals, urgency and precise ideas of beauty.